Saint Joseph appears to be a small town on the prairie, but the constant action, engagement and activity by its multi-generational residents, along with the college and the monastery belie that smallness, creating a vibrancy that makes this town a highly attractive community for businesses, students and residential living.

Volunteerism by many in the community make our neighborhoods inviting places to newcomers and longtime residents alike. Active community participation makes the town safer, friendlier and more welcoming. Whether it’s the local food co-op, the many town festivals or the devoted volunteer fire department, community members are engaged in their areas of interest, and you’ll likely find a welcoming invitation to join them, should you choose to do so. Local business support helps the commerce thrive and grow here, and an active chamber of commerce can assist new businesses to get a healthy start.

The Wobegon Trail has become an integral part of the health and pleasure of Saint Joseph, and playgrounds, parks and a new dog park encourage outdoor activity year-round.

The dominant, positive influence of the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University shape and enrich our community by providing world renowned (as well as local!) musicians, scholars, educators, scientists and entertainers to the community, and generously share in that wealth.